Hard way – pros and cons

All responsibility is on you, all responsibilities are on you, all costs are on you.

I wish everyone with a strong will to work when they want, where they want, on any device, planning their own goals and their own path of development!


  • When they want, they can do it even at night and on weekends, and on holidays. Wait a minute, but none of the private entrepreneurs has holidays because nobody pays them for them and the state does not compensate the „privateers” for free mileage, you won’t even go to the doctor if you don’t pay for ZUS. However, the benefits of managing your own time are indisputable. „On your own” you can sleep and go to the gym at any time, instead of eating plastic in office buildings, buy fresh products such as fruit or fish before they are bought out by pensioners.
    Konrad-Mroczek-Dajmio-blog-working-by-nightYou can exchange for a long time and usually, these are trivial but important things, you can train in any direction or publish materials on any topic. You have the ability to react immediately to life events such as sudden beautiful weather, an anniversary, or a breakdown. Doing „whatever you want” has, like the proverbial stick – two ends: one, the beautiful one associated with everything that the word „freedom” is associated with, and the other one with responsibility, concentration, professional knowledge, and making difficult decisions. Only the strongest have this kind of freedom.
  • Wherever they want, even on the beach, in a cafe, at home, with relatives, in the meadow, by the lake, all you need is electricity and WiFi. Without walking around in a suit. You wear a tie to a meeting. The suit is waiting in the wardrobe for the call „to the blackboard”, and the rest of the working time in flip-flops and a T-shirt. Konrad-Mroczek-Dajmio-blog-digital-work-on-the-beach You can also generously rent any office, so that the excess space does not distract us. However, if we do not sympathize with the climate of Mordor, we have a choice of fairy-tale, free places where we need a lot of willpower to focus on mundane matters. Working on your own account is not only unlimited creativity and communing with art. The corporate cave into which we stick ourselves so that the world does not distract us is also air conditioning, high-speed internet access, and access to intellectual resources and workforce. Some say that this is no longer a barrier, the company’s know-how has been on the Internet for a long time, just reach out. I ask, when do you find time for this?
  • On any device, you can always learn IT and set everything yourself, there are so many free solutions, just bend down and pick up because they are waiting. You can do directional studies or courses, some time and it’s ready. Learning „everything” makes sense, but what about the rest of your „free” time? On the other hand, without licensed software and powerful hardware, you won’t get far if you are an ardent DIY enthusiast. Konrad-Mroczek-Dajmio-blog-DIY-startup=small-business However, it is best to hire an external specialist to operate and service the equipment and professionals in various fields. Of course, you have to buy the equipment! Minimum is an investment in a powerful laptop and a good smartphone … we won’t get far on lashes and „freebies”, the rest is for rent, as long as it’s not too far from the beach. Building a team of independent professionals is mainly good planning, contacts, and working with similar enthusiasts of their own freedom. Often not very available, absorbed in life.
  • When planning your own goals, if of course you have well-defined goals, what you want or can do and you relentlessly strive to achieve them. Otherwise, and in many other cases, you will drown in the realities of business logistics: accounting, bills, offices, permits, registrations, fees, configurations, creating everything from scratch, inventing the „wheel”, obtaining certificates, building a framework for the operation of the enterprise, online presence, networking daily handling of trivial, repetitive activities, blog, meetings, social media, conversations, offers, equipment, conferences, software, fairs, development of every aspect of the business environment… Konrad-Mroczek-Dajmio-blog-digital-multitasking-marketingIt’s easy to get lost, it’s easy to lose sight of your goal, and it’s easy to go to a dead end. A thousand ideas per minute and trying to start everything at once threatens to sink the business. Focus, concentration, and consistency are as important as knowledge and means to meet challenges. I’m not discovering anything amazing here, the entrepreneur must be a predator and they have the ability to focus on one goal, they are built for it.
  • When planning your own development path, you can focus on literally „everything” but you have no choice, none. You must concentrate on balancing all aspects of the business. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, you are doomed to multithreading and the need to make strategic decisions every 5 minutes.

    All responsibility is on you, all responsibilities are on you, all costs are on you.

If you like it and feel good in it, then the new evolution of an employee into an entrepreneur is for you. If not, then you stay in Mordor. Combining these two worlds is usually not possible unless you have trouble sleeping, you don’t have a partner or family or friends. There is a price for everything, „there are no free lunches”.

Therefore, I propose business consultations, in which I indicate the need to analyze the project, its feasibility, and the financial framework of individual activities.

We will be happy to investigate the marketing environment of your project (360 marketing) and help you find the best solution to increase ROI. (user experience). Familiarize yourself with our operating philosophy.
Similar marketing issues as well as many tools for their implementation can be found at Dajmiomarketing.com. We thank you in advance for your trust, on our part we declare far-reaching discretion of our actions.

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