Vege perfect storm

Arguments for vege based on scientific research are convincing.

After experimenting with vegetarianism for more than a year, I see only positive results, and the world of flavors has expanded incredibly. It prompted me and my wife to make an even more radical decision toward getting rid of animal proteins altogether.

There were also moral arguments apropos of the indiscriminate killing of animals and ecological ones because of the cutting down of forests for homegrown crops to feed animals for slaughter.

I was very moved by the statement of a friend:

I sat in the meat industry for a while, and I will say that when a person takes a moment to think about what they are doing, shivers run through them. Interestingly enough, people are mega detached from the connection between meat and animal. We go to the store, take a product from the shelf without having in our minds that it had eyes. I did an interesting study privately. When selling meat, I gave to one link a picture of nicely cut meat, and to another was a picture of a happy cow. It turned out that the first one caused no emotion, and the second one caused a wave of heckling, including phone calls in the middle of the night…. In addition, the whole processing, sausage market, feed market also leave much to be desired. I won’t elaborate, but I’ll quote the CEO of one of the country’s largest sausage producers here: „I don’t eat it and you don’t eat it either.”

For the moment, I have practically given up cold cuts and other processed meat products. I eat meat but try to limit it. I also make sure that nothing goes to waste. Being at a meat cattle farmer, I realized that it’s not farming anymore. We farmed as we cared for the animals.Now it is industrial production. At no time are the animals treated differently than a product. Bulls can stand all their lives in a barn, chained up. They have enough freedom to reach a drinker or a feedlot. They never see the sky or the sun. I understand that they are not bison and they will not be treated this way either, but to look into the eyes of an animal treated this way – it is not a pleasant experience. I was only in the industry for a while but I still think about it.

Maciej Furmaniuk

Eating meat, unfortunately, is only conditioned by cultural habits, does nothing but threaten health and ecology. It outright causes deforestation, the mass disappearance of wild breeds, and the greenhouse effect. It is the reason for the unprecedented holocaust of animals over the centuries, which is difficult to come to terms with morally. Much more would be mentioned, all based on the latest scientific research by Dr. Colin Campbell. Meat is as unhealthy as cigarettes, asbestos or radioactive polonium. It belongs to this group according to the WHO classification for carcinogenicity.

Dr. Campbell’s book „Modern Principles of Nutrition,” based on years of careful, inquisitive research, presents surprising answers to the most important questions about nutrition: What really causes cancer? How can we prolong our lives? What will stop the obesity epidemic?

Neal Barnard
Medical Doctor, Chairman PCRM

Your inner meat-craving werewolf has the digestive and dental systems of a herbivore. It clogs its veins and cells with fat causing, among other things: Alzheimer’s, hypertension, and diabetes. The moment you put a piece of meat in your mouth, putrefactive bacteria begin to fuel inflammation and give fuel directly to cancer cells. The drugs and antibiotics in meat wreak havoc on your body’s biological balance, not to mention gastrointestinal troubles, which are a simple route to excess weight. An easy, three-week experiment in weaning yourself off animal protein and dairy will make sure you don’t go back to eating corpses again.

After two months of experimenting with veganism.

In addition to Dr. Campbell’s studies, one of the main factors turned out to be David Attenborough’s film „Our Planet„, a beautiful on the one hand but shocking documentary on the other.

The rate of destruction of the environment and wildlife due to industrial meat production is appalling.

film Davida Attenborough "Our Planet"

The strangest thing about all this is that everyone talks about CO2 emissions from burning coal or using internal combustion engines, while in reality 80% is meat production, which, paradoxically, does us a lot of harm.

Since we haven’t eaten meat for more than a year due to our experiment with vegetarianism, we decided to do another experiment with veganism.

Animal proteins, regardless of where they come from, remain animal and are just as damaging.

vege jajka w proszku

And dairy products, as it turns out, are a real failure when it comes to harm. The transition to the „other side” was very difficult at first. giving up meat is a completely different story than giving up fish, eggs, cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, cream cheese, goat cheese, blue cheese and chocolate is a real shock.

When a vegan friend showed me powdered eggs, I knocked myself on the head, now I cut them into sandwiches, add them to soups, stuffings and they are delicious.

In addition to the moral dilemmas associated with the mass slaughter of millions of animals, exaggeratedly reproduced and subjected to torture by confinement in deplorable conditions and sprayed with tons of drugs, other areas can also help in the decision to switch to vege:

  1. First and foremost, health, and this is a no-brainer, be sure to read Dr. Colin Campbell’s book „Modern Nutrition Methods.
  2. Ecology, reducing the clearing of forests for homegrown crops to feed industrially farmed animals, hereby halting the uncontrolled and massive extinction of wildlife species,
  3. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by reducing industrial meat production,
  4. Rebuilding private, healthy agriculture without pesticides, the return of stalls selling home-grown, fresh vegetables,
  5. Personal culinary development; you’ll learn a ton of great flavors and recipes – it’s a real adventure and a great opportunity to build bonds in a relationship, by „whipping up” together.

Nowadays we have a lot of fun choosing what to eat the next day.

We collect recipes, we keep experimenting, and interestingly enough, we eat as much as we want and don’t get fat. This is just mega! Personally, I love to eat so now I have an eldorado of constantly discovering new flavors, excellent shape, flat belly, feeling light and without any gastric problems. I think it’s worth a try.

However, we still have slip-ups, unfortunately. A friend invited us for steak – and it was the only steak in over a year, or, for example, we discovered delicious dumplings frozen in the depths of the freezer. However, we aim to radically close the topic. The pressure of carnivores is considerable, the family does not understand, and friends have a „snipe”. I had one myself 😉

Sandwich with powdered egg.

kanapka vege z jajkiem w proszku

I laughed at vegans, I was a staunch meat lover.

I blindly believed that meat is eaten by real men, milk and cheese provide calcium. eggs protein, and if I want to achieve any sports results I need mainly meat protein.

Everything turned out to be total nonsense and just a propaganda stunt by the industries; meat, dairy and pharmaceutical, heavily lobbied by politicians.

Just as cigarette manufacturers once lobbied, ran gigantic and expensive disinformation campaigns, and presented studies showing the harmlessness of smoking, the meat, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries are now doing the same. As in the old days, lobbying is done in parliaments, and doctors’ offices do not recommend a healthy diet only drugs and artificial supplements. There is a profit to be made from this and not a small one at that. And in medical academies, there is no word in the curriculum about proper nutrition. Doctors are undereducated. After learning about Dr. Colin Campbell’s research, they are simply ashamed.

lobbowanie przemysłu mięsnego mlecznego farmaceutycznego

After upsetting the Swedish dairy industry, Oatly moved its advertising campaign to the United Kingdom. There it spent £700,000 on an advertising campaign with the slogan „It’s like milk, but made for people,” during its first launch in Sweden, the brand was taken to court by the country’s dairy industry.

Oatly, a milk-like product created from oats was taken to court by the Swedish dairy lobby, which represents companies with combined sales 200 times its own in 2015, arguing that the brand’s marketing disparaged cow’s milk as unhealthy.

To jest jak mleko, ale jest stworzone dla ludzi

Undaunted, the brand is taking the ” It’s like milk, but made for people” campaign to the UK, with OOH media publishing in key London Underground stations such as Kings Cross and Oxford Circus, as well as Shoreditch, Peckham and Brixton.

The OOH campaign was supported by VOD, print media and podcast sponsorship. The marketing launch aims to convince British consumers to swap traditional cow’s milk for a plant-based oat drink alternative.

Oaty’s creative and strategic director for International Markets, Michael Lee, said:

„Some people think our message is controversial. We disagree. It’s a fact, because our oat drinks are actually intended for humans, not baby cows.”

80% of all medicines produced in the world are used to raise animals for meat.

For me this is a shock, I did not know this. I used to eat meat every day, I still love steaks, sausages, ham, and blood sausage, but the more strong willpower it shows to not eat it, the more pride I feel that I can manage. It’s something like a personal accomplishment, a need to succeed at anything. On the other hand, it’s something I can do myself for ecology.

Scientists working on sustainable plant-based diets and ecology openly, with one voice, say that there is a „silver bullet.”

Nowoczesne zasady odżywiania dr Colin Campbell

Be sure to read: „Modern Principles of Nutrition

The solution to the world’s ecological woes turns out to be to stop the industrial cultivation of crops that causes deforestation of forests and jungles, to serve industrial animal husbandry, and to STOP. Each of us can reduce our meat consumption for our own health, for ecology, for stopping the immoral and massive holocaust of cows, pigs and sheep.

In the publication „Modern Dietary Principles,” Dr. Colin Campbell, who is a nutritional biochemist with 40 years of experience, interprets and cites the results of the world’s largest nutritional study ever conducted – the author analyzed the diets of 6,500 people in 65 Chinese and Thai provinces. He compared the mainly plant-based diet of the people studied with the meat- and dairy-rich diet of the West. He is convinced to exclude zoonotic products from the diet, because, he argues, we will thus enjoy a longer and healthier life.

He proves in no uncertain terms that the incidence of diseases of civilization, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease, is caused by food of animal origin.

He exposes the vast amount of misleading, often contradictory information fed to consumers by the food and pharmaceutical industries. With his work, he contradicts long-held beliefs about the benefits of eating animal products.

His groundbreaking book contains, irrefutable evidence of the beneficial effects of a plant-based diet on health, as well as information on changes in the medical system and the benefits that patients can gain from the growing interest in plant-based nutrition. The publisher debunks numerous health myths and brings order to the prevailing information chaos.

During this project, I discovered a dark secret. The children whose diets contained the highest amounts of protein were most likely to develop liver cancer! These were children from the wealthiest families.

T.Colin Campbell, Thomas M.Campbell II

A UFC fighter learns that everything he learned about protein was a lie.

I highly recommend everyone to watch the movie on the Netflix platform, „The Game Changers”. As Wikipedia puts it, quote: „is a 2018 documentary about the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes. It covers many success stories of athletes on a plant-based diet. Includes references to scientific studies and addresses other arguments for plant-based diets .”

Official trailer:

Below is a link to the entire PlantPure Nation documentary.

It tells the story of three people who are striving to spread the word about one of the most important health breakthroughs of all time. After speaking with Kentucky State Representative, scientist and author Dr. T. Colin Campbell, his eldest son Nelson works with Kentucky State Representative Tom Riner to propose a pilot program documenting the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

With this goal, they inadvertently set in motion a series of events that reveal powerful forces opposing the diet. After industry lobbyists killed the pilot program, Nelson decides to try his own grassroots approach in his hometown of Mebane, North Carolina, then returns to Kentucky for a dramatic conclusion.

A growing number of celebrities, athletes, TV presenters and nutrition experts have been promoting a plant-based diet over the past few years, and tens of thousands of people have documented their personal success stories. But as more and more doctors and government officials become aware of the healing power of plant-based nutrition, the question arises: why aren’t they making this information available to the public? Unfortunately, there have been few official medical or government-sponsored efforts to promote the life-sustaining benefits of a whole-food, plant-based diet.

PlantPure Nation was filmed throughout the United States and includes world-renowned experts, doctors, and authors. The production team includes director Nelson Campbell and producer John Corry and writer Lee Fulkerson of the acclaimed documentary Forks Over Knives.

Consider supporting PlantPure – at Visit: , for information on vege meal starters.

Films that every inhabitant of our planet should see.

  • Cowspiracy – „The Sustainability Secret” is a groundbreaking documentary showing the causes and consequences of the conspiracy of silence prevailing around the disastrous impact of so-called „animal production” on the environment.

cowspiracy be vege

  • Seaspiracy – examines the global fishing industry, challenging concepts of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions are causing widespread environmental destruction.

seaspiracy ciemne strony rybołówstwa

  • Forks Over Knives documentary – what if one simple change could save you from chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease? Check out this documentary about a plant-based diet that has impacted millions of people around the world.
  • What the Health is a 2017 documentary film that criticizes the health effects of meat, fish, egg and dairy consumption and questions the practices of leading health and pharmaceutical organizations. Its main goal is to promote a plant-based diet. This film talks about heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases and their relationship to the food we eat.

What the Health vege film o szkodliwości mięsa i mleka

A few recipes I have tried and recommend:

Moje własne przepisy

Bean cutlets

  • Beans
  • Carry flour / 1/4 volume of beans
  • Potato flour / 1 tablespoon from the soup
  • Onion / 1-2 pieces
  • Breadcrumbs / 1 tbsp from soup
  • Garlic / 2-3 cloves
  • Salt, pepper, marjoram, oregano, chili

Preparation, soak beans all night, boil, and blend with a blender with onions and garlic, add flour, bread crumbs, knead cutlets, and fry in a pan until golden. Beans can be replaced with chickpeas, peas or lentils.

Leek baked bread

  • Three slices of bread / one serving
  • Leek / 4 cm
  • Vegetable butter / two large spoons for soup
  • Chili peppers, garlic / to taste
  • Mustard / one tablespoon for soup
  • Salt, pepper, nutmeg / to taste
  • Vegan cream / 150ml
  • Chives
  • Vegan cream cheese / 75g
  • Vegetable stock / one vegetable stock

Preparation of the marinade: you melt the butter, add to it all, finely chopped ingredients and spices. Pour the vegetable stock into the baking pan, put the bread, pour the marinade on the bread, also between the slices. Bake at 180C for 30 minutes. After taking out, sprinkle with chives.

Vegan products

Once someone acknowledges all the arguments in favor of abandoning meat and dairy begins a discussion under the title, quote: „After all, I will never be able to give up burgers, cold cuts, yogurt, cheese… etcetera”. There are a number of products, sometimes called „substitutes”, which both in appearance, taste, texture and color are identical to those we eat as carnivores. Here are some examples, linked to stores where you can buy such specialties.

Several vege stores:

I came across the following graphic on Instagram, but the most interesting thing is the comments under it. There are quite a few interesting statements of every sort, I recommend reading:

When converting to veganism, remember to supplement vitamins B12 and D+K

witaminy vege b12 d k

As Professor Campbell described so well in his book, the best medicines are fruits and vegetables. Extracting one ingredient, does not necessarily work well without the assistance of a whole set of other ingredients present in the plant containing that ingredient.

Warzywa i owoce to najlepsze suplementy dla zdrowia

Vegetables and fruits are the best supplements

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